Just so you know: we have this thing here called “Spokane nice.” People are just friendlier here. We make eye contact. We smile and say, “hi.” To the LGBT Traveler It might seem a little flirty and even a little fake, but it’s a scientifically proven thing. A University of Vermont study found Spokane the 11th most positive city in America, and the most positive in Washington

Maybe it comes from living in a culturally rich city surrounded by incredible natural resources* with a wondrous river gorge cutting through the middle**, but our LGBT community really loves this corner of the world, and want everyone who comes to feel as good about this place as we do. 

When you come, feel free to conduct a study of your own. Extend your stay. You might not leave.


Outside Magazine recently named Spokane one of the best towns in America.

** USA Today just voted Spokane America’s second best riverfront.


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