How LGBT Friendly is Spokane?

Spokane has a wealth of support and resources for the LGBT community. From our LGBT Business Chamber, our LGBT devoted radio show- Queer Sounds, the many religious communities that are open and affirming, or the community and police department coming together after an attack on one of our own, Spokane has become a town that supports their LGBT brethren through all walks of life.

Isn’t Spokane right next to the Aryan Nations?

The Aryan Nations compound and its contents were burned and bulldozed into a peace park after a lawsuit brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center bankrupted the group in 2000.

Where is the Gay District in Spokane?

Spokane does not have a formal LGBT district because the community treats the entire region as out and proud. However, the community can be found at LGBT Business Networking Events, Spokane?s Front Runners Group, our Great Outdoors Inland Northwest Recreational Group, or any of the events and groups found here.

Isn’t Spokane a conservative area?

The city of Spokane is moderate to liberal while the surrounding cities of Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Cheney and Airway Heights tend to be more conservative but tolerant. When the state approved marriage equality in 2012 the conservative attitudes towards LGBT people in Spokane county seemed to shift towards being more accepting. In the city of Spokane there is less surprise seeing same sex couples holding hands and showing affection and more pride that those couple feel safe enough to do so in public.

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